portrait-art-katharine-hepburn-seated-everett-raymond-kinstlerKatharine Hepburn
46″ x 46″ oil
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
Permanent Collection


Signing the lithograph
I was thrilled to learn Katharine Hepburn would pose for me,
both in my studio and in her home.
Here are four of the more than forty drawings and sketches I did of the “great lady.”

hepburngroupTop left: Collection of the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Center
Old Saybrook, CT   22″ x 28″
Top right:  Private collection 21″ x 27″
Bottom left: Collection of the Museum of the City of New York
25″ x 30″
Bottom right: Collection of the artist on loan to The Players, NYC  22″ x 24″